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Version 1.6.0 just got released

2010-08-29 18:20 about Multicon
It took a bit longer then I expected but finally version 1.6.0 of Multicon is out on the market.

There is two things that you can't miss, a new setup window and more widget sizes. You can now add a widget that cover 1x1 (As the old one), 1x2, 1x3 and 1x4 blocks and customize how many icons you want to use there.

Even if you can put 3 in a row it's not recommended if your finger are any thicker then a pencil, but I leave that up to you.

And when you select applications it will cache what it finds so it will not take that long the next time you go there. If you update an application and it change name it will not show up here since it's cached. If this happens there is a menu option (In the first edit screen, not where you pick apps) that can clear the cache for you.

With the new setup screen you can now also set all icons on a widget without leaving between every pick, hope that will speed up your work.

On the HTC Wildfire there is a bug in there HTC Sense that made Multicon lose it's settings during reboot. I tried to fix that and hope it will work for all of you out there with that phone, feel free to report back to on the progress of that.

I change the way icons are resized since sometimes they got cropped instead. But in the last update I introduced a cache for the icons, and now it will still use any old once until you repick that item.

Now it's time to tell you about the new buttons and what they do, I will here list all of them if you have missed what they do:

  • Edit mode
  • A small shortcut to put all Multicon widgets into editmode.

  • Airplane on/off
  • Turn Airplane mode on or off, when it's off the button turns red.

  • Autosync on/off
  • Turn Autosync on or off, when it's off the button turns red.

  • Bluetooth on/off
  • Turn Bluetooth on or off, when connecting or disconnection it turns yellow. Red when you have turned it off.

  • GPS settings
  • REMOVED due to a bug

  • Brightness toggler
  • Turn the backlight of your screen up in three steps, when it's on full it turns it almost off.

  • Network settings
  • Brings up your network settings. When you are not connected it turns red, if you connect via mobile network it's yellow and normal state if you are using WiFi.

  • Ring mode toggler
  • Goes through three stages of ring mode, silent, vibrate and normal. This is showed via two small icons turning green/red on the button for vibration and sound.

  • WiFi on/off
  • Turns WiFi on or off, red when you are not connected, yellow when connecting/disconnecting and normal when you are connected.

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