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Empty shortcut?

2010-08-11 23:08 about Multicon
Ok, version 1.2 of Multicon has just been deploys on the market.

Edit: Version 1.21 is out, quickfix for shortcut icons.

You will notice the change when selecting what app to have on the widgets. There is now three buttons at the top lables "Apps", "Shortcuts" and "Other". Apps and Shortcuts is what it sound like, your installed apps and shortcut creators.

But if you check under Other you will find only one thing to select, even if you cant see any icon... It is just that, a blank icon. Select "<Blank>" to create an invisible icon that dosnt do anything. Use this to blank out spots if you dont want to use all four spaces in the widget.

Later I will add more stuff under Other, you can call it miniwidgets like turning Wifi on/off etc.

One of the things Im working on is the slow speed on showing you the apps, to be honest I dont have any ide on how to fix it right now but it is something Im looking into.

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