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Final boss has been spotted

2010-07-20 16:41 about astroCommander
We are getting closer to actually saving the earth. The big bad leader behind all alien attacks have been spotted, he looks strong and I think it will take more then one fight to kill it...

Not only is one more boss added, there is also one new kind of alien ship, you can see one of them flying around in the screenshot with a red bar ontop.

That red bar indicate there health, it goes down while they is "inside" an explosion. With some luck you can down them with one shoot, but its a bit better to double tap just to be sure.

The shield I gave to the aliens was a bit strong and next delivery will have reduced uptime and longer times between activations.

And still struggling with the balance of the game. The first upgrades will make a bigger impact and the later once a bit less. Instead of having it all linear this will make it feel better at start but in the same time not give you an too much easy ride.

Still a lot of work, but aiming for a new release, v1.0rc1, this weekend.

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