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Ingame interactive help

2010-07-14 11:51 about astroCommander
Ingame interactive help is here. Thats something I have been postponing since the first public release. But now I got my act together and wrote it, was not as hard as I thought now when the GUI engine doing its tricks.

It goes through all the basic elements in the game, lets you try to shoot down one asteroid and have a quick peek on one of the bosses.

For all of you already playing the game its nothing new in it, but I think it can be good for new players.

Buttons in the mainmenu is now a bit bigger and easier to hit. The resume button is always there, only its red when you dont have any game to resume.

In the hiscore view, your hiscore change color to show you the update status. Its green when your current hiscore is the same as the one uploaded, red if you got a new hiscore and need to submit it. And it can also be yellow, this is if your submitted hiscore is higher then your ingame one, this happens if you uninstall and reinstall the game or after a data wipe.

Removed the nagging for setting your hiscore name when you first install the game, you can set it from option menu or the hiscore view.

Well, that the round up on whats happening right now. There is still more work to do before 0.99 is out, but in a few days or so you can expect to get it.

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