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Upgradable weapons

2010-06-28 20:09 about astroCommander
As many have pointed out, its a nice idea if the weapons would be upgradeable.

The only two problems I have to solve is what kind of upgrades and how to get them...

What I hope will work is that instead of giving extra lives from scores and killing bosses, is to give the player coins instead. I will have to lower the score needed to get them, and maybe give them as random reward for killing some alien ships.

With the coins you can buy stuff like:
  • Extra lives
  • Shields for the defense satellites (Not the bases, since that would be like and extra life...)
  • Lower the cooldown time (In steps, so you can buy this more then one time)
  • Raise the amount of ammo before cooldown stops any firing. (Same as cooldown time)

  • Of course the price will go up for every time you pick on of the upgrades, so the question is, buy some cheap stuff now or save up for the nice one later....

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