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Version 0.98 is here

2010-07-11 21:37 about astroCommander
After hours and hours of playing version 0.98 is here.

So, whats new in this version then? Well, we got the coin ships that you can read about in some earlier blog and changes of the balancing.

One more new thing in the game is that you no longer can restart the game from your highest played level. This was a leftover from the older game when no upgrades existed. Its hard to start on the higher levels without any coins and upgrades, thats why I removed it.

But no panic, you don't have to play the game from level one every time. Whenever you kill a boss you get the option to save your progress as a restart point including; scores, coins, upgrades and lives.

You can then choose to start from any of your restart points just as you did a resume from there. So if you made it to level 21 without dyeing you probable want to start there next time. If you made it with one or two deaths, start there or go back and try to get a better restart point.

Every 10th level got it's own save, so if you resave at level 21, the data for restarting on level 11 is kept untouched.

And last change is that the scores you get from killing things got increased, with about the double amount and triple for the bosses. This way I don't have to reset the hiscores :)

Ops, just found out that I (once again!) forgot to change the ingame about text...
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