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Require at least Android 1.6 / Donut.
ScreenshootSave space on your homescreen with this free widget. Use it to clean up or add more applications. It will let you put more then one shortcut in the same space as one icon normally takes up.

You can add applications, shortcuts and some special functions.

To add a Multicon widget on your homescreen, press any blank or empty area and hold down your finger. An "Add to Home screen" window will pop up, from that window, select Widgets. (Full instructions is included, please read if you are unsure how to use this program.)

All permission are used by the special function buttons under "Other".
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Require at least Android 1.6 / Donut.
ScreenshootSave the earth from incoming asteroids and alien attacks.

Fight your way thou 100 levels with a boss on every 10 of them. The final boss will be involved in more then one encounter until the battle.

Collect coins on your way to upgrade weapons and buy extra lifes if needed. Check your rank on the online global hiscore list to see if you can beat your friends and everyone else out there fighting.

Will you win and protect the earth from destruction? Download it now and try, is't 100% free to play.

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Require at least Android 1.5 / Cupcake.
ScreenshootThe object of this puzzle game is to remove all red boxes and get them all to green once.

You change color of the boxes by clicking on them. Sounds easy?

The problem is that not only the one you pressed will change, it also change colors on boxes in a cross shape: above, below, to the left and to the right.

When you start the first puzzles are easy for you to learn how it works, but after that you get more challenging puzzles.

In this current release there is 100 puzzles for you to unlock and solve, good luck!

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