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Its just a number

2010-07-16 15:12 about astroCommander
Flash update: By mistake I checked the the box for copy protection when I uploaded the new version, this was not intended! I found out since it doubled the size of the apk file so now its back to off again. So sorry for this.

First of all, lets talk about the news in version 0.99 that is just out on the market.

To not repeat myself you can read about the ingame help and a bit more in my last post and the new rendering engine in the post before that.

One big bug I found while testing on an emulator with QVGA screen was that the selection of what satellite to fire was totally wrong there! And there was some smaller mistakes with the rendering also, but everything have been fixed so the game experience will be a lot better if you have a small or medium screen.

And got tons of complains about the upgrades, but not from you players... The alien invaders felt left out so now they also got upgrades like faster bombtimes and shields. Hope everyone will be happy now when the fight is more even.

They get there first upgrade on level 31 where they starts bombing a bit faster and on level 41 shields starts to appear.

The defense satellites do a little wiggle when they fire, not so much of a change but makes them fell less static. Did some small changes on the boss levels. But I am still not satisfied with how the levels are from 20 and onwards.

And this takes us back to the headline, it's just a number like say 1.0...

If next version will be 1.0 its like saying "this is the best I can do" and I haven't got that feeling right now, there is still something missing. I got plenty of ides for items to come into the game on a later stage but the levels have to be fixed right away. If I can make that in just one release we have to see, most likely next update will be 1.0 rc1 but if I am not happy with it there is still a lot of number between 0.99 and 1.00 that I can use :)

So, 1.0 rc1 or 0.991, keep your eyes open and we will see where this will take us.
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