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First miniwidget added

2010-08-16 23:06 about Multicon
Ok, I'm still trying to fix everything thats broken but it's hard when the errors only show up on some phones or even for some people... But please do not stop sending your reports, I read them and try to answer them all even if it sometimes take a while for me to go through them. It's the only way I can find out about unknown bugs.

But since it is getting into a stable stage for the most of you now after I rewrote the whole thing it was time to start working on the...

Well, there I have a problem, miniwidget or special function or... I havn't decided on what to call them yet. But when you add stuff to your widgets, check under "Other" and you find a new option called "Wifi on/off". It is what it sounds like, a button to turn your wifi on and off. It will change it's icon when you press it or when you change your connection elsewhere.

To get the Wifi changes to work I needed to add permission for it, hope you don't mind that. And when speaking about permissions, I got a lot of questions about the shortcuts to make direct calls not working as they just pull up the dialer with the number and you have to press "Call". This is not a bug, it's a way to get around the need of adding permission to make outgoing calls since that is a nasty permission and I personally don't like when a program ask for that.

If this new wifi button works I will add more of them, it's not a lot of work to add more but I wanted to release this one and have it tested before I start with the rest of them.

Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Mobile net is what I have planed for next, but if you got any more ides just drop me a mail and I will see what I can do.

Custom icons is also something I have looked at, right now some of the shortcut icons are custom so no extra work there, just need to sort out how the interface should work.

More widget sizes? Since the x10i only can have one widget it's pointless to use Multicon there, but with custom sizes on both the widget and icons that should be solved. And with custom icons you should be able to put 9 icons into the spot of 1 if your fingers are small enough to hit them :)

Oh, and a last thing, (again) thanks for all the nice words from you all!

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