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FlipFlop - Version 1.0, updated 2010-07-12Android Market rating: 4.06Android Market rating: 4.06

Require at least Android 1.5 / Cupcake.

What it is
The object of this puzzle game is to remove all red boxes and get them all to green once.

You change color of the boxes by clicking on them. Sounds easy?

The problem is that not only the one you pressed will change, it also change colors on boxes in a cross shape: above, below, to the left and to the right.

When you start the first puzzles are easy for you to learn how it works, but after that you get more challenging puzzles.

In this current release there is 100 puzzles for you to unlock and solve, good luck!
Latest blogs
FlipFlop, a new puzzle app, 2010-07-12 08:08

Time to get my second app out now when astroCommander is getting into it's final stage.

This time it's a puzzle game, takes no more then a few clicks to understand it all but a lot more time to solve all 100 puzzles that I included in this first release. And it support every release of android from 1.5 and onwards and everything from smallest to biggest screens. On Android 2.2 it supports App2SD if you want to save some memory on your phone.

When you start to play there is five unlocked puzzles to solve, but just clear them and more will be unlocked.

The game keep track of your fastest clear (less clicks) for every puzzle, so you can go back later and try to make it better.

Thinking of making online hiscore for this app, but how to count scores on a puzzle game? Both unlocking of puzzles and less clicks must be rewarded, just need to figure out a nice formula for it.

Comments from Android Market
Android Market rating: 4Android Market rating: 4 h, 2010-09-15

Great time sink and challenging puzzles! Would be 5stars if it didn't FC after solving puzzle 101. Is that the end? Droid2.

Android Market rating: 4Android Market rating: 4 Ben, 2010-08-29

Could do with undo feature and also a hints option for if/when you get stuck. Great game though :)

Android Market rating: 5Android Market rating: 5 SuperKaze, 2010-08-14

Intrippante XD

Android Market rating: 3Android Market rating: 3 wendy, 2010-07-12

How to solve puzzle 7??

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