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Don't despair, I'm still here

2011-11-11 19:05
It have been a long long time since I last did any real updates here or in any of the apps.

But don't despair, I'm still here and have some plans and ideas of stuff to change and create.

For the last two, three months I have put a lot of work into some new projects that I hope will result in anything that can be released in the near future. I have been working on them in parallel since most of the technical "behind the scene" stuff is reusable and that lets me develop and test it in smaller projects before putting the bigger once together.

And while talking about my projects I'm stunned that Multicon now have more then 1.000.000 downloads! It all started as a test to learn how to make a widget, I could never have guessed what a good response it would receive from all of you out there.

The bad news is that the source code for Multicon is in a big mess after I started to write the 2.0 version without ever finishing it. Now and then I still think about rewriting it since there is some changes I want to make before I can be 100% satisfied with it.

Also want to say a big thank you to everyone that made a donation, it sure feels good to know that the idea of giving away free apps and still get some money back from it. It haven't made me rich but enough to pay the bandwidth, listen to spotify while writing new stuff :) and even have a bit left to run some other free websites.

With a bit of the money I have pressed some H9kDroid clothes that soon will be given away. As I write this I'm not sure how to do this, but it will be uses as prices in some kind of contest or sweepstakes. I have to get back to you all about this later, until then you can have a sneak preview of the first test pressed items that I packed up yesterday.

And last I need to say that my support have been a bit lazy lately, but some days there is 100's of mails to read and since I got a full time job there is just not enough time to answer you all. If I ever get the time I will try to put together a ticket system so it will be easier to manged it all.

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