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Getting near v1.00 now...

2010-07-03 19:32 about astroCommander
Was adding nine new levels and one boss, but got the flow up and made 180 new levels :)

Well, it's not fully true. What I did was to make the game calculate new levels on the fly and add bosses on every 10 of them. It reuses three types of bosses, but make them harder for every time. Not 100% happy with the result, it lack a bit of randomness that I need to add later.

Made some changes to the GUI and speeded up the rendering a little, there I still got some work to do also before it will hit 1.00.

Change the upgrade costs, it's a bit more expensive to get better weapons now, but on the other hand you can upgrade a bit feather if you got the coins for it.

So, dont stand here, rush to the market and grab the new version 0.97 of the game!

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