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Next version: Nothing new!

2010-08-04 20:43 about astroCommander
Soon there will be a new version of astroCommander, 1.0rc2, the last in a long chain of beta releases. All releases after that will be deemed as full versions.

And the news in it? Absolutely nothing :)

Well, the truth is that it will of course contain some new stuff, but nothing that you as a player will notice. The gameplay will be exactly the same and all of your saved data will be intact when doing an upgrade.

It will have some internal changes as I try to clean it up a bit after all changes made to the source during the test period. The most important change for me is that it will send your upgrades when submitting/updating hiscores. With this data I will have a better view of where the coins are spent and if I notice anything wrong (From my calculated "normal game experience") the upgrades will have a tweak in version 1.0.

Due to the nature of how the hiscore data is stored on your phone and how the update works the upgrades will only be sent after you have got a new hiscore. This I hope will not be a big problem since most of you out there have an ongoing hiscore in your current game or start from a saved restart point and dont have that long to your hiscore from there.

And version 1.0 will be out not long after that. It depends on the amount of new data that I receive and if I need to act on it or not. So please break your hiscore and send it in asap when you install rc2, the faster I get your data the faster 1.0 will be there...

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