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10.000 Downloads and still more to come

2010-07-13 17:00 about astroCommander

astroCommander just reached 10.000 downloads with an average rating of 4.03 stars. It makes me happy that you all enjoy this game, its a big encouragement for me to carry on the work.

And still going on with the updates, longing for getting to version 1.0.

So, whats happening with the game now when we getting closer to 1.0? Well, I just rewrote the rendering engine and made a nearly 40% speed boost. Thats not so important for newer devices that runs on 1GHz since the FPS was good as it was but for the more lowend phones I hope it will bring more joy.

Also making small fixes, like someone pointed out that the coin counter looked bugged. Its not bugged, just that it increases upon spawn and not when the coin gets there. Think on the upgrade menu, there can still be a flying coin when you get there and you want to be able to shop with that coin also. But now I added a fake counter so it looks "right". A lot of other small fixes here and there have also been done, but nothing big that you will ever notice.

There is also time to start the work on the ingame help, thats one job I have pushed to "tomorrow" for a long time now.

And after dieing so many times on levels around 50-59 there will be more changes on the raising difficulty factor. Thats one of the best thing about being the author, if its too hard you can just change it :)

Will not add more gameplay for the game now until I decides the game being version 1.0. But after that... well, don't despair, I got plans for the future of this game even if I will move on to other projects and updates will be more rare.

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