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Version 1.0rc1 in final test

2010-07-23 19:03 about astroCommander
Right now release candidate 1 of version 1.0 is under my final test. What I do is playing the game from level 1 until the end to check that everything works as intended.

One of the changes is a little popup box that you will see the first time you start an upgraded version, there you will get information on the most important changes.

Here is a copy of the current one that will be included in 1.0rc1:

  • Saved restart points
  • All saved restart points from level 41 and onwards will be removed, you can of course save new once when you get there again. But I suggest that you start over from level 1 and save new restart points since you now get more coins and score.

  • Hiscore
  • Your hiscore will be set to 0. If your hiscore on the global list is from an older version, your current hiscore will replace that even if its lower. The global hiscore list will soon be cleared from all old scores.

  • Current game
  • You cant resume a game started with an older version, since the levels are not the same there is no guarantee that you enter into a valid timeline.

    Most significant news in 1.0rc1:

  • The first two cooldown upgrades give more effect.
  • The game will only contain 100 levels, but they will be harder in a more rapid tempo.
  • One new boss added, a kind of end boss, you will see (No spoiler here... :)
  • One new type of alien attacker, this one takes more then a single shoot to kill.
  • The rendering engine will now stop its work when the screen turns off, a nasty bug that in certain cases drained your battery.

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