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Show me the money

2010-07-04 14:53 about astroCommander
"it's a bit more expensive to get better weapons now"... That was what I wrote yesterday, too bad I didn't count more on it before I made the changes. Now I have change the prices once more, at the beginning the upgrade prices get lower but for the later upgrades they stay at the more expencive rate.

And not only is the lower items getting cheaper, you can now get more coins! When you kill an alien spaceship they sometimes try to use there escape pod and run home. If you shoot it down everything inside is yours, except the body that some secret government organization will take care of :)

Will also see if I can make the 2 first bosses a bit easier now when we got plenty of levels to play there is no need to make it so hard in the beginning of the game.

Next version will be 0.98 and will hopefully be the last version with bigger changes on the game play before 1.00 is released. The 0.99 update will most likely only be for last minutes fixes and the final help guide.

After 1.00 I will start looking more closely on the rendering engine, as it is right now I make a lot of small changes on it for every version so not a good point to start messing around with tweaks and optimizations before I know what it have to do.

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