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Version 0.95 is out

2010-06-30 22:17 about astroCommander
Just uploaded version 0.95, so go and grab it from the market!

The most noticeable change is weapon upgrades. Whats not so easy to spot is the tweaks I made on the levels, played some hours and change a bit here and there to get a better flow in them. Also removed some spawn points that would sometimes flood your screen with enemys if played in a sertent way.

And found out that I had forgotten to change the about text, it was the same as in version 0.90...

I need to make a better way to display the help texts and tell you how the upgrades works and how the prices is calculated. What I plan to do is a computer played level that pause and tell you whats happening on the screen, a picture is worth a thousand words so it will save a a lot of typing I guess.

I think you can figure out what to upgrades do, but the "buy ammo" is a bit tricky since you already got unlimited ammo. So it works like this, when there is no cooldown on a satellite you can fire five rapid shoots before it maxes out, when you buy more ammo you raise that by one.

So upgrading cooldown is for the overall fight, upgrading ammo is for that stressful time when you need more firepower.

And speaking of upgrades, right now you can only get five coins per level, two that you always get and one more for every defense satellite alive after a level. But there is a "coin ship" in the pipeline that will spawn randomly when doing multikills. When you shoot it down there is a shiny coin inside for you to spend.

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