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Multicon, your shortcut to everything!

2010-08-08 23:12 about Multicon
Just released my first widget, Multicon.

It lets you put four shortcuts in the same space as one normal would use. There is no limit to the number of widgets you can use, other then when your homescreen is full that it...

This is great to use both if you want to flood your screen with apps or trying to keep it as clean as possible.

I copy the instructions for it here, you will also find this information inside the program.

Add the widget

To add a Multicon widget on your homescreen, press any blank or empty area and hold down your finger.

An Add to Home screen window will pop up. From that window, select Widgets.

You'll be presented with a list of all the installed Widgets on your Android device, select Multicon by clicking on it.

Now the widget will appear on your home screen. Press the widget and hold down your finger, now you can drag it to the location on the screen you want it to reside.

Should you decide you want to remove the widget from your home screen, Press it and hold your finger down. You'll notice that the slider that normally brings up all of your installed programs turns into a Trash can. Drag the widget ontop of the Trash can and it will turn red, drop it there and the widget gets deleted.

Multicon widget setup

When you first add a Multicon widget you will see four small default app icons, click any of them and you get a list of all apps installed on your phone.

Select the app you want to make a shortcut for, the icon you pressed will change into an icon for the selected app. You can now start that app by clicking on the icon.

If you later want to change a shortcut you have to start the app Multicon (NOT adding any widgets this time, start it as you do with other apps).

You will now return to the info screen, at the top you got a button that will put all Multicon widgets into Manager mode, you see this as they get a red background. Note that the button is only enabled when you have one or more Multicons on your homescreen.

Now when you press any of your shortcuts it will bring up the app selector instead of starting the app. Reselect what apps you want on your widgets and when you are done just uncheck the checkbox that keeps them in Manager mode.

Note for users with Android 2.2

If you create a shortcut for any app installed on your SDcard, they will get a warning icon when you unmount your card. But they will go back as soon as you remount your card again.

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