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1.0rc2 is out, a bit new...

2010-08-07 01:24 about astroCommander
There we go, version 1.0rc2 is now out on the market. No saved data is changed so you can safely upgrade and resume your game in the new version.

As I wrote in the last blogpost there is not a lot for you as a player to notice about the upgrade.

But I stumble into some interesting stuff when I was browsing the developer pages. There is now an API for the backup manager (See code.google.com/android/backup/ for more info about that) and since it sounds like a nice feater it's now implanted in the game.

If you ever factory reset your phone, root and install a new rom, buying a new phone or just delete the game, all your hard work is gone... But now when the backup manager is in play, all you need is to download the game again from the market and all your saved data is magically back as if you never deleted it!

Please note that this feature is only available on phone running Android 2.2 using Google servers and having a backup transport on the device.

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