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Thin line of balance

2010-07-08 21:30 about astroCommander
Working hard on balancing the game, both on upgrades and difficulties of the levels.

I am starting to get happy with the upgrades, there is more coins to get and prices have changed. But you will not get the new coins for free, there is always work behind more money...

You still get two coins for completing a level and one for every surviving defense satellite, but the rest is from coinships.

There is some randomness for them to spawn after killing an alien ship, but if you are unlucky on the rolls there is a build in cover for that. Whenever you miss to spawn a ship the chance is increased a bit and lowered back when you finely get one so it will even out in the long run. There is also a raising maximum number of coinships you can get per level, in the early stage you can only get two of them, so no super rich trolls after level 1 :) And you must shoot them down to get the money, but on the nice side is that they cant shoot back at you.

The hard part of this balancing act is making the levels easier without doing them too boring. Up to the first boss, level 10 that is, the game is more or less at learning stage now. Shorter levels with not so mush on the screen at any given moment.

Whats waiting you on level 11 and onwards is what I am working on right now, my hope is that a new version will be out this weekend.

And I will end with a big thank you for all the nice feedback I got, its nice to see that most of you out there seams to like this game, it give me inspirations for the upcoming projects that I will uncover for you when this is done.
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